BULLET BOOT 35 Year Limited Warranty   

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“Bullet Boot” Pipe Flashing – is a one-piece flexible rubber boot and plumbing vent sleeve used as terminal vent pipe roof flashing.

Material Warranty

Bullet Boot” Products warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the product covered by these Warranties be free of defects due to faulty material or workmanship for a period of 35 years of the original consumer purchaser of the product, under normal use and maintenance, and subject to the exceptions, limitations, disclaimers and other terms and conditions contained in this warranty.

Installers’ Responsibility

Bullet Boot” Products are engineered to flash and vent all 1 ½”, 2” & 3” PVC DWV when properly installed and maintained. It is the responsibility of the installer to assure that the “Bullet Boot” system performs as designed and has been properly attached to your home without damaging the integrity of the structure.

Bullet Boot” Products may be installed over and under shingles as per factory specifications.

Exclusion to Warranties:

These Warranties are granted to the original consumer purchaser only and are not transferable with home or building sales. Bullet Products does not warrant the performance, and will not be responsible for any costs, defects, or damages with respect to any dwelling or building as a result of use, failure, or installation of the “Bullet Boot” The warranty does not warrant the product against damage by natural disasters, rodents, squirrels, or other wildlife. These Warranties of the “Bullet Boot” product are the only expressed Warranties provided by Bullet Products. We reserve the right to withdraw this warranty from the market at any time. Any and all warranties in effect at the time of removal will not be affected by the withdrawal and will remain in effect until their expiration. This LIMITED WARRANTY shall be the manufacture’s sole warranty applicable to the product. Any other claims for damager or loss, direct, indirect, or consequential, whatever the cause thereof, are expressly excluded from the warranty.  This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, written or oral, statutory, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness of a particular purpose.  Under no circumstance shall the manufacturer or any distributors of Bullet Products or the “ Bullet Boot” be liable for any amount greater than the original price purchaser paid for the product.


Sole Remedy:

The sole remedy or obligation under this warranty is to replace the failing “Bullet Boot” product with a new “Bullet Boot” and offer up to $50.00 per boot for re-installation/replacement costs. If Bullet Products, at its option, determines to replace any or all “Bullet Boot” products, all warranties on these specific items are terminated.

Warranty Service:

How to make a claim :

A product claim form can be found on the rear of this warranty form or visit www.bulletproducts.com

Proof-of-purchase documents must be presented with the warranty claim form. Acceptable proof of purchase includes only: a dated copy of the original sales agreement.

ALL claim forms under this Warranty for material failure or defect must be submitted by registered mail to Bullet Products, 11811 Metro Pky. Unit A Ft. Myers, FL. 33966, or email to admin@bulletproducts.com.  Claims must be submitted promptly after the discovery of the claimed defect and within the warranty period. Reasonable time should be allowed for inspection purposes.

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