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The right roof ventilation products are vital due to their impact on building safety, indoor air comfort, energy use, and property value. They help to prevent condensation, mold, rot, and excessive moisture buildup; they also help to increase a roof’s lifespan, saving property owners thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. Roof vents with pest screens not only help deter unwanted pests but, in certain regions, help prevent ice dam buildup. Traditionally, gooseneck vents, off-ridge vents, roof boots, and other ventilation products have been made with lead and other types of metal; while sturdy, these products tend to wear down over time and come with problems of their own. Bullet Boots LLC aims to solve these problems and revolutionize the roofing world with our incredible selection of durable roof ventilation products. We believe that “lead is dead,” so it’s time to look into the Bullet Boot! Contact us today to request more information about the roof vents, pipe flashings, pipe boots, and all of the roofing materials we offer.


Bullet Boots pipe flashing is a one-piece flexible rubber TPE and TPO boot and plumbing pipe sleeve that can be used as a terminal vent pipe roof flashing. Our Bullet Boot Vents are made from a heavy-duty polypropylene carbonate material. Each roofing vent has a built-in cricket to handle free-flowing water. Our team has anticipated every need when it comes to roof ventilation and accessories. Request more information about our roof leak supplies and roof pipe replacement options!

Roofing Vent

Bullet Vents


Made from durable materials, we have designed this newly patented product to function perfectly while retaining its aesthetic appeal for years to come, all for a competitive price. Each Bullet Vent comes with a 35 Year Warranty to provide peace of mind.

Pipe Flashing

Bullet Pipe


Are you tired of toxic lead pipe boots? Our bullet pipe flashings are made of heavy-duty polypropylene carbonate materials for long-lasting, safe operations. With a 35 Year Warranty, you can trust these products to last the lifespan of the roof.

Bullet Stealth Vent


Ridge vents are designed to allow air to flow freely from a home’s attic, creating constant air flow and drawing stale air out of the structure. Our bullet stealth vents are designed to replace the old metal ridge vents in a maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing way. With competitive pricing and a 35 Year Warranty, you can install with confidence.

Roofing Pipe Flashing TPO

Bullet Pipe TPO


For property owners who are tired of the old labor-intensive boots and other flashing products, the Bullet Pipe offers a modern design at a competitive price. Each product comes with a 35 Year Warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Bullet Products LLC
The Future of Roofing Accessories is Here!

These new Bullet Products are the future of innovative and aesthetically designed roofing accessories built to replace old technology at a competitive price. There is no need to paint since the product comes in many colors to match virtually any roof application. Features include:

  • TPO or polypropylene carbonate construction
  • 35-year warranty
  • 100% UV protected
  • Adapts to any roof pitch
  • Replaces outdated technology
  • Most popular colors — white, brown, gray, weatherwood, and black
  • No painting – matches your roof color
  • Comes with pest screen
  • No leaking

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