Here are some commonly asked questions people have about Bullet Products. Maybe, you have never seen our product before. Perhaps you saw one of our products, and came here to learn a little more. Here we have vague answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products. For more information about our product, or answers to more specific questions, feel free to contact us. We are available by email or phone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out we are happy to assist in any way.

This product can be installed on any pitch roof.

The screen is provided for southern climates and can be removed.

Yes, the product can be installed under the shingles with the use of roofing sealant.

Yes, but just like with any product, you should exercise caution.

Yes, both under and over the metal roofing using metal roofing fasteners and sealant.

You should analyze your current sales by shingle color and then determine which Bullet colors will work for your business. Also, you may not need all sizes.

This product has been tested for color retention and durability. However, there is no code approval necessary or required in the US. Bullet Products will be receiving a Miami-Dade approval in the near future.

You can use almost any roofing sealant, but we recommend one that contains polyurethane.

The warranty covers the product material against leakage for 35 years. In the event of a leak in the product material during the product warranty, the product will be replaced at no charge.

A sealant that contains Polyurethane.

A plumbing vent boot is a sealing ring that fits over the shingles to form a watertight seal around the pipe vent. Plumbing vent boots are used on most residential roofs because residential plumbing systems need vent pipes on the roof.

You can expect plumbing vent boots to last 15 to 35 years, or longer. We offer a 35-year warranty, as our boots should outlast your roof.

Yes, depending on the area you live in or the years the boot has been installed, it can become damaged. If your plumbing vent boot is chipped, cracked, or there are pieces missing from it, contact our team today.