Bullet Products

Bullet Products LLC was founded by John Leonard who started in the roofing business at an early age. John built his business with the help of a trusted mentor who guided him to create a company that exceeded in customer satisfaction. Adhering to best practices in his business gave John the financial success he needed to pursue his ideas for better roofing products.

The Bullet Boot was conceived out of the need to eliminate the dangerous and unsightly Lead Pipe Boot products that all roofers in Southern Florida use on every home. John understood that he could create a safe, economical and aesthetically pleasing product that would improve the installers experience and in turn please the homeowner. What John did not realize was that the Bullet Boot pipe covers would appeal to all roofers across the country. This is due to some of the unique features which includes the “roof match” color and the “pipe fix” inner sleeve.

John has taken this initial idea to create better roofing products and has expanded into innovative roof ventilation that eliminates roof leaks.


Our Mission

Bullet Products LLC is committed to providing the best products, warranty, customer satisfaction and installer experience in the roofing industry. We will do this through our determination to adhere to business best practices on a daily basis. The customer experience will drive us to create the best products and to improve when needed.