Looking for information on installing Bullet Boots? Take a look at proper fitting and mounting techniques. Also, a few helpful hints.

Installation Instructions

The “Bullet Boot”  Pipe Flashing – is a one piece flexible rubber boot and plumbing vent sleeve used as terminal vent pipe roof flashing.


Remove interfering shingle nails around the perimeter of the roof opening. Depending on the application, apply a bead of shingle adhesive along the bottom of the flange, and slide the top end of the boot up and under the shingle. Allow the bottom vent flange to lie on top of the shingles or cut shingle to fit.


Take care and make sure the boot properly aligned. Nail in place using 1 – 1/4” coated roofing Information on Installingnails spaced 6” to 8” on center, or at least 3 per side, maximum of 1” from the outer edge of the flange, and 1-1/2” from each corner.  Apply roofing cement to all shingle edges and nail heads to prevent water infiltration. In severe weather coastal hurricane zones , it is recommended to caulk around the entire perimeter, under the vent flanges and near the outer edges.

Helpful Tips

  • Brittle PVC Pipe
    PVC pipe can become brittle from years of exposure, so handle it carefully. It could snap if you pull on it.
  • “Loose” PVC Pipe
    If your PVC pipe moves downward while installing the boot, you may need to pull the pipe up while sliding the boot down so that the boot stays in contact with the roof.
  • PVC Pipe Length
    In most areas, building code states that the PVC pipe must be 9 inches above the roof. The Bullet-Boot can handle a few inches of variation from this, but if your pipe is really long or really short you may need to either cut it down to size, or use some PVC pipe fittings to extend it.


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