Providing Quality Roof Leak Supplies & Roofing Materials


Quality roofing materials and accessories can help make the difference between a roof that leaks and a roof that doesn’t. Here at Bullet Boots LLC, manufacturing those quality roof leak supplies is what we do. From our pipe flashing products to our gooseneck vents, we have a wide range of supplies designed to solve or prevent roof leaks. Connect with our team today to request more information about the roofing materials we provide or to place an order!

We invite you to learn more about our extensive inventory of roof leak supplies. Everything we create is manufactured to the highest standards using only proven materials. Expect thoughtful, innovative design touches, like rodent screens to keep small animals out of spaces where they don’t belong and crickets to enhance water flow. Most of our products come with extensive warranties, including 35-year warranties for the Bullet Vent, Bullet Boot, Bullet Boot TPO pipe flashing, and Bullet Off Ridge Vent. We are also happy to provide detailed instructions for fitting and mounting these products to virtually any roof.

Benefits of Quality Roof Accessories

When you choose to purchase bullet products, you are making a positive investment in the long-term maintenance of your roof. Different areas experience different weather patterns, therefore those types of roofing should not be treated the same. We have different lines of products depending on the issues often experienced with the material of your roof, or the location of your home. At Bullet Products, we take the invention and production of these roofing accessories extremely seriously due to the importance of protecting your roof. When you choose to purchase a high-quality product, you can expect high-quality results.

Order Your Roof Leak Supplies Today!

If you are looking to buy our roof leak supplies, please check out our list of distributors. We only sell to authorized distribution companies. Our distributor list is always growing, so be sure to check back frequently. We would also be happy to work with your preferred supplier if they don’t already carry our products.

See the difference that Bullet roof leak supplies can make for your projects and your customers. Contact us today to learn more!