The Plumbing Vent Boot


A plumbing vent boot, also known as a roof boot, pipe boot, or pipe flashing, is a flashing that helps that waterproofing of your roofing system. Plumbing vent boots are typically made from lead or rubber, and they are used as a cover for your vent pipe. These boots help create a seal around your roofing pipes, so it’s protected fromBullet Boot (White Installed) harsh weather elements like rain and hail. At Bullet Products LLC, we carry only the highest quality plumbing vent boots – ones that expand and move with your roof. As long as their installed properly, our plumbing vent boots are sure to not crack, chip, or become damaged due to their ability to expand with the roof as the weather changes.

The Benefits of Using a Plumbing Vent Boot:

  • Doesn’t allow water damage to form on your roof
  • Creates a weathertight seal on your roof
  • Different styles to choose from
  • Won’t crack from extreme heat or rain
  • Improves the lifespan of your roof

Installation Instructions

Loosen your roof’s shingles using a pry bar around the sides of your vent pipe. Place the new plumbing vent boot over the vent, ensuring it’s in the right position. Make sure the cover is fit snuggly around the pipe to prevent water penetration. Use hammer nails to secure the boot into place. Roofing cement can also be used.